Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Weekday Wants

Hello m'lovelys, here's a post of products and clothing that I am coveting this week!

this week consists of quite a small collection, is that a good or bad thing?! But here it is. Enjoy! 

So basically this is a Zara dupe. But still I really like the colour, even though it's a tad boring!

Okay just a point, I do not wear dresses. Ever. Yes I know, a sin against being female, but seriously I feel so stupid in a dress and I'm just never comfortable. Same with skirts, I'm more of a leggings/jeans/shorts kinda gal. But this is an exception, and hopefully I'll convince myself to buy my FIRST ever dress. Yep I don't even own one. This is adorable though and I love the zip, so so so cute!

I've been really interested in eyebrow products lately. Usually I use either a pencil of just a brown eyeshadow, but this looks interesting and I've read some good reviews!

HOW CUTE ARE THESE?! *breathe* awh my god! I can imagine someone wearing these with a prom dress to like spice it up a little. These are so so so cute I want to eat them! The best shoes I've seen for a while.

Make sure you enter my New Look giveaway below! What are your wants this week? What do you think of mine? Lemme know! Xx 


  1. oohhhhhh the litas are gorgeous!xx

  2. I've just nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award :) to find out about it go over to my blog!

    Kate x

  3. (Oh and have a look at the Urban Decay brow box too, it comes with two powder colours and a pan of wax and I think it's something like £5 cheaper than the benefit brow zings :))

    Kate x

    1. Aw thanks so much Kate! I'll check it out now :) and yes I'll take a look, thank-you!! xx