Sunday, 15 July 2012

Miss Selfridge Glitter Wedge Dupe

This is just a very quick post!

I some how, out of the blue, found myself doing a bit of online window shopping and found these! 

What a bargain! The heel height looks very similar, the only difference I can see is silver glitter vs gold glitter! But with a £22 price difference, does it matter?!

Do you know of any fab dupes out there? Lemme know! Xx

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Leather Shorts - Three (slut-less) Ways

(Hello - In Azerbaijani)

I've had a serious addiction to finding the perfect pair of leather shorts this week, I don't even know why. I've tried to put off buying summer stuff, and to start to collect my autumn/winter13 wardrobe. But I don't think I'll feel completely happy with my summer wardrobe until I get me some leather shorts! I saw someone wearing them when I was in my town center the other day and I thought they looked really chic and ~trendy~ (cringe), and it's just a different texture than normal denim cut-offs.

So I've popped together a list of ways to style them, we don't want to look slutty, nor frumpy, so here are my ideas!

(Just so you know, I mean the type of shorts that are ATLEAST this long, not these!)





What do you think of leather shorts? What would you style them with? Lemme know! Xx

Friday, 13 July 2012

Birthday Wishlist, Beware, Gona Break the Bank!

Hello lovely! It's friday woo! And it's not soon til my birthday! I turn into a bit of a six year old when it comes to birthdays. You always get that thought in your head, what if someones thrown you a surprise party? I've got to look suprised *Practises suprised face in mirror*. 

Maybe it's just me then. But anywho I like to celebrate them with families and friends, and although it's not the most important thing, but I get excited about presents! You're lying if you say you don't! 

Here is my birthday wishlist, it's a tad pricey though, hence the world 'wish'!

1 Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation
I've been on a hunt for my perfect foundation. Who isn't!? I've continually read fantastic reviews of this. I would like a foundation with medium/max coverage for days of breakouts or nights out, and so far this has been the result of the search. Here's a post I read about this foundation that's convinced me to buy it from one of my favourite bloggers!

2 Hobbycraft Sewing Machine
I've wanted a sewing machine for so so long, I'd love to experiment with clothes and have always wanted to make a patchwork quilt (aw!) And as I have a hobby craft at the bottom of my road I thought this would be practical.

3 Skull Print top
I saw a post on Frassys blog where she donned this gorgeous top. I assumed it'd have a hefty price tag but no, £7!! It's so cute, and she makes it look so chic and expensive.

5 Khaki and Leather Sleeve Jacket 
If your as much of a Made In Chelsea addict as me then you'll know who this is. I love the two textures in this coat, it's different than the normal duffle, and it'll look fab for this autumn.

6 Core Collection Real Techniques Brushes
Okay don't judge me. I still don't own any real technique brushes. But for £22 for four brushes, I thought it was a bit of a bargain. I'm not going to explain about these brushes as I'm sure you already know about them!

7 Crest 3D Whitestrips
This isn't the normal type of product you expect on a wishlist, but I've heard so much about them. I heard about some Crest products can be extremelly painful but these are meant to be so effective, so thought I'd try them out :-)

8 Black Fringe Handbag
These are from this eBay seller. I already have a brown one but after seeing so many blogger showing off their black beauties I thought I better grab myself one! It's also a bit of a bargain so I thought I'd nab it.

What do you think of my wishlist? Do you have any recommendations? What's on your wishlist! Lemme know! Xx

Thursday, 12 July 2012

My Health Kick - Creamy and Easy Salmon!

Fast Freitag!
(Almost Friday! - in German)

If you've been reading my blog recently, you'd know that I'm trying to get fit in order to achieve a healithier lifestyle, and a better bikini body!

So to aid this health kick, I've actually attempted cooking. Usually porridge is the furthest I'll go to becoming a domestic goddess, but I thought I'd give it a pop.

I used a very easy season and shake packet from Colmans to spice up my Salmon. It just looked so easy and simple - perfect for me!

You simply put a bunch of ingredients in the given bag and stick in the oven. It said you should add 100ml whipping cream but I didn't have any so used butter and was fine!

Salmon is known for it's amazing skin-loving health benefits. Here's a table I found on this website, which shows how amazing it is, vitamins wise.

I'd definitely recommend you try salmon if you want a boost, I felt so refreshed and energetic since starting my healthy lifestyle.

Have you found any super foods? Or anything you think is great for a detox? Lemme know! Xx

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Bargain vs. Blowout - Touche Éclat

Det är onsdag!
(It's Wednesday! in Swedish)

These are one of my favourite types of posts, comparing high-end products with cheaper brands! I like seeing the cheaper brand win, but I also like seeing worth-the-investment products as well!

Here is a very unlikely brand comparison, Aldi vs. Yves Saint Laurent. Yep, Aldi do cosmetics. Don't judge it before you try it! 

The product in question is concealer, and I read an article in the newspaper about Aldi's dupe for the Touche Éclat, and my bargainista brain started to spark! I zoomed to Aldi and nabbed the little silver stick. When I spotted it in the aisle another lady came up to me and confirmed my expectations! She said she's used it for a while and that it's just as good. 

I can't find the actual concealer on the Aldi website but you can find a list of the other products here.

When swatched- the Touche Éclat is on the left and the Aldi one is on the right

As you can see from the pictures, the product from the outside is exactly the same! Are they even allowed to get away with that haha? Anywho on to the comparison.

The Aldi one is very pink. Very pink. I kind of don't like the pinkness. I know that pink is meant to counteract the darkness of your bags, but it doesn't match my foundation. It leaves lighter circles around my eye, I just think that unless you properly rub it in it can look unnatural, so it does take time. It's very cheap, just £3.50- cheaper than most similar products sold in Boots.

However it does do what it says on the tin. I'd say it's better than a lot of concealers I've tried, I'd say it's just as good as the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I do like it, as it does cover my bags perfectly and is matte and makes me look wide awake!

I'm not sure whether a review on the Touche Éclat is needed, everyone knows that this works wonders! To be honest the only con I can think of is the price tag, but considering I've bought it, it obviously doesn't matter that much! 

I think that I'll defiantly be repurchasing the Touche Éclat when mine runs out. But then I think I'll also buy the Aldi one as one to take with me in my handbag, and as a back up for if I lose the YSL one.

Have you tried this concealer or any of the Aldi's products? I'd really love to know about your experience! Or found another YSL dupe? Lemme know! Xx 

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

ASOS Blogger Challenge!

I've never done one of these posts oo! This is my entry for the ASOS blogger challenge! I discovered this through Caroline's blog ( and thought it was such a good idea! With my bargain hunting skills in mind, I agree'd to the challenge!

According to Discount Coder, all you have to do is-

  • Head over to
  • Put together the hottest outfit you can for £100 or less (no student discount or Asos discount codes allowed)
  • Blog about your stylish ensemble over on your blog
  • Leave a comment below with a link to your post

So here is my entry! I hope you enjoy!

Total - £97

What do you think of my choice? Have you entered the challenge? Lemme know! Xx

L'oreal Triple Active Glow

Guten Abend!
(Good evening- German)

I've been really interested in highlighters and adding a natural glow to my face lately. It seems I've been a tad dull and grey, and so I've been searching the shelves for a product that'll make my face brighten up! 

I know there's different foundations which claim to brighten and lighten such as Rimmel Wake Me Up and L'Oreal Lumi Magique, but I'd rather buy a good foundation for coverage and hiding blemishes, then use other products for little extras. I saw this was on offer in Tescos so popped it in the trolley

Its's L'Oreal Triple Active Glow moisturiser (hence the title) and I was actually a bit surprised when I opened it. Okay I don't know if I'm actually being a dumbarse but I've only even used moisturisers that are white in colour?  This is sort of pinky-peachy, with tiny gold pigments, so it's like the same colour as the lid. When you blend it in, it goes clear so I was glad about that! 

It's a really nice consistency and texture, it's not runny nor too thick, just fabulous. But, for me, its just too shimmery. I hate using shimmery products, I always buy matt bronzers and eyeshadows to avoid the "I just scavenged through my mums make up bag" look. 

But then I was like, hey, Mon, you don't need to spread it ALL over your face. I tried doing all my make-up and then using it as a highlighter, and IT WORKS! It gave me great definition and made my cheekbones pop (if I do say so myself). I applied it like a highlighter, so the tops of my cheeks and brow bone. It gives a really natural look.

I'm not quite sure if I'll be repurchasing when it runs out. I think I'm going to try more products, I'm going to look for a powder highlighter (still haven't got one!) and a brightening moisturiser. 

I'd recommend this if you want a subtle highlighter, but I'm not sure if you could use it as a daily moisturiser, unless you're dressing up as a discoball..

(I've typed so much gah sorry! Well done you if you read it without dozing off!!)

Have you got any powder highlighter recommendations? Or have you tried this product? Lemme know! Xx

Monday, 9 July 2012

My Health Kick

(Afternoon! in Irish- I didn't know they had a language?..)

 Recently I've been a little bit naughty. And by that I mean consuming about a gazillion pounds of sugar and carbs a day. Anything from pancakes to cookie dough, seriously I've been munching out. And I've really seen the effects.

My face has broke out, which is never ever good. Oh the heartbreak, when you wake up and see that a new mountainous spot has parked it's bum on your forehead. And I've also noticed my tummy isn't as toned as it used to be, and I actually got quite giggly the other day as I could feel my bum cheeks wobble as I walk haha!! 

Just a note: I am NOT trying to lose weight. I'm a slim size 6 and I'm happy with my weight. I've just noticed how bad I've been eating and want to become healthy and fit. Whenever I go running I can do like 100meters and then have to stop and pant ha I'm very unfit.

So I've decided to do some posts relating to fitness inspiration and healthy food ideas. I'm a bit of a cooking virgin (hence the crap eating) but I've been really excited to do this salmon meal this week, I'll do a blog post later about that.

Firstly here are some fitness plans that I have in order to get in shape.

1) Clenching your bum! Okay this'll sound mental mental chicken oriental, but apparently if you clench your bum muscles for like 30 times a day then this will help to tone and firm up your bum bum.

2) Stairs- Just a gentle exericse to get me started, I'm aiming to walk my stairs, up and down, 30 times a day for a week. Then next week I'll be changing it up a little.

Here are some images that are keeping me going!

Have you got any fab toning exercise? What do you think of my plan? Lemme know! Xx

Hashtag #bbloggers! #3

Tillykke med mandag!
(Happy Monday! in Danish)

Yes it's that time of the week, time for my post on last nights #bbloggers conversation! 
Here is a couple of blogs that I discovered through the conversation on twitter.

The topic this week was how about PRs and marketing- how to contact and build a connection with a PR. So obviously I felt a tad usless as I know nout about PRs!  

For those of you who live under rocks, us twitter-ers use the hashtag #bbloggers in order to start a conversation on a particular topic eachweek. It's like a big group chat and allows everyone to have their say on a particular subject :-)


First on my list of beautiful blogs is one by a lady called Jessica Louise (@JessieBlogger)

As you could tell from her title, Jessica blogs about beauty and make-up related posts, but what I really like is how she posts about lifestyle and what she gets up to! I think it's lovely to get to know the owner, it makes reading each post more personal!

The layout, like all the blogs I love, is beautiful! She chose a Cath Kidston style print as her background with a very readable font for her content.


Secondly is a blog by the lovely Sharna.

Her blog is called My Beauty and Fashion Fix - just what I need! I really love this gals blog. From what I've read she's really down to earth and loveable! 

Sharna has also recently answered some FAQs, which makes her blog more personal to her and allows the reader to get to know  her. She posts about Fashion and Beauty (DUH) and of course what she does in her day to day life. Her layout is so pretty, you can tell she's put a lot of effort into it!

Sharna's blog 


My opinion on the #bbloggers chat

Okay like I said, I am definitely no professional when it comes to PRs. I've never been contacted by one and don't expect to be contacted by one. I can only try to understand what they're about by reading up on other people's experience with PRs. I've heard that some can be a tad cheeky, like sending 'accidental' emails and then not contacting again due to a low visitor count or something. But  personally I'm not very judgemental so I take each person as an individual, if that makes sense, so like everyone acts differently. Some PRs may be cheeky but I'm sure most of them do their job properly and love it at the same time!

What did you think of this weeks topic? Or have found some killer blogs? Lemme know! Xx

Sunday, 8 July 2012

My Handmade(-ish) Outfit!

朋友你好 !
(Hello Friends! in Chinese (Traditional))

I really really REALLY like customising my own clothes. In about two weeks I will have my own sewing machine and will be able to expand my knowledge in crafting and sewing! Ah I'm so excited! Anywho, yesterday I had a creative mindset on and was like okay, I am doing something to my wardrobe today. I couldn't find anything to dye so I decided to whip out ye ole scissors.

I had a really unflattering lace boxy top, the sleeves were puffball and made me look broad and ugh ew mank rank yuck. So I cut off the sleeves, and made the arm holes a bit bigger. Avoila! A cute lace vest top that I'll defo be wearing this summer.
And then about a month ago I made these cut offs. First I cut the jeans into shorts, and then filled a bucket with basic bleach. I attached the shorts to a hanger and dipped them into the bucket for an hour. Then I rinsed them and shoved them in the wash (by themselves) And they came out all torn and distressed which I really like. They look like those slutty bum shorts that show off your arse cheek but they're not I swear! I then studded them with these from eBay.
So yeah, my DIY outfit that I'm rather proud of. I love it when people are like 'omg where are your shorts from' and I'm like *brushes shoulder like an arrogant tw@t*. 

(a) Yes I realise I should've worn a bandeau or something under the top, sorry about da bra guyz
(b) Excuse the sunglasses and face, I didn't put my slap on today

What do ya think? I love DIY'ing, it's so fun and satisfying when you see the finished result. Soon I'm going to be using the left over lace to cover a bikini I have, I'll keep you posted on that!

Have you done any recent DIYs? Anything your uber proud of? Lemme know! Xx