Monday, 9 July 2012

My Health Kick

(Afternoon! in Irish- I didn't know they had a language?..)

 Recently I've been a little bit naughty. And by that I mean consuming about a gazillion pounds of sugar and carbs a day. Anything from pancakes to cookie dough, seriously I've been munching out. And I've really seen the effects.

My face has broke out, which is never ever good. Oh the heartbreak, when you wake up and see that a new mountainous spot has parked it's bum on your forehead. And I've also noticed my tummy isn't as toned as it used to be, and I actually got quite giggly the other day as I could feel my bum cheeks wobble as I walk haha!! 

Just a note: I am NOT trying to lose weight. I'm a slim size 6 and I'm happy with my weight. I've just noticed how bad I've been eating and want to become healthy and fit. Whenever I go running I can do like 100meters and then have to stop and pant ha I'm very unfit.

So I've decided to do some posts relating to fitness inspiration and healthy food ideas. I'm a bit of a cooking virgin (hence the crap eating) but I've been really excited to do this salmon meal this week, I'll do a blog post later about that.

Firstly here are some fitness plans that I have in order to get in shape.

1) Clenching your bum! Okay this'll sound mental mental chicken oriental, but apparently if you clench your bum muscles for like 30 times a day then this will help to tone and firm up your bum bum.

2) Stairs- Just a gentle exericse to get me started, I'm aiming to walk my stairs, up and down, 30 times a day for a week. Then next week I'll be changing it up a little.

Here are some images that are keeping me going!

Have you got any fab toning exercise? What do you think of my plan? Lemme know! Xx

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