Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Bargain vs. Blowout - Touche Éclat

Det är onsdag!
(It's Wednesday! in Swedish)

These are one of my favourite types of posts, comparing high-end products with cheaper brands! I like seeing the cheaper brand win, but I also like seeing worth-the-investment products as well!

Here is a very unlikely brand comparison, Aldi vs. Yves Saint Laurent. Yep, Aldi do cosmetics. Don't judge it before you try it! 

The product in question is concealer, and I read an article in the newspaper about Aldi's dupe for the Touche Éclat, and my bargainista brain started to spark! I zoomed to Aldi and nabbed the little silver stick. When I spotted it in the aisle another lady came up to me and confirmed my expectations! She said she's used it for a while and that it's just as good. 

I can't find the actual concealer on the Aldi website but you can find a list of the other products here.

When swatched- the Touche Éclat is on the left and the Aldi one is on the right

As you can see from the pictures, the product from the outside is exactly the same! Are they even allowed to get away with that haha? Anywho on to the comparison.

The Aldi one is very pink. Very pink. I kind of don't like the pinkness. I know that pink is meant to counteract the darkness of your bags, but it doesn't match my foundation. It leaves lighter circles around my eye, I just think that unless you properly rub it in it can look unnatural, so it does take time. It's very cheap, just £3.50- cheaper than most similar products sold in Boots.

However it does do what it says on the tin. I'd say it's better than a lot of concealers I've tried, I'd say it's just as good as the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I do like it, as it does cover my bags perfectly and is matte and makes me look wide awake!

I'm not sure whether a review on the Touche Éclat is needed, everyone knows that this works wonders! To be honest the only con I can think of is the price tag, but considering I've bought it, it obviously doesn't matter that much! 

I think that I'll defiantly be repurchasing the Touche Éclat when mine runs out. But then I think I'll also buy the Aldi one as one to take with me in my handbag, and as a back up for if I lose the YSL one.

Have you tried this concealer or any of the Aldi's products? I'd really love to know about your experience! Or found another YSL dupe? Lemme know! Xx 

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