Tuesday, 10 July 2012

L'oreal Triple Active Glow

Guten Abend!
(Good evening- German)

I've been really interested in highlighters and adding a natural glow to my face lately. It seems I've been a tad dull and grey, and so I've been searching the shelves for a product that'll make my face brighten up! 

I know there's different foundations which claim to brighten and lighten such as Rimmel Wake Me Up and L'Oreal Lumi Magique, but I'd rather buy a good foundation for coverage and hiding blemishes, then use other products for little extras. I saw this was on offer in Tescos so popped it in the trolley

Its's L'Oreal Triple Active Glow moisturiser (hence the title) and I was actually a bit surprised when I opened it. Okay I don't know if I'm actually being a dumbarse but I've only even used moisturisers that are white in colour?  This is sort of pinky-peachy, with tiny gold pigments, so it's like the same colour as the lid. When you blend it in, it goes clear so I was glad about that! 

It's a really nice consistency and texture, it's not runny nor too thick, just fabulous. But, for me, its just too shimmery. I hate using shimmery products, I always buy matt bronzers and eyeshadows to avoid the "I just scavenged through my mums make up bag" look. 

But then I was like, hey, Mon, you don't need to spread it ALL over your face. I tried doing all my make-up and then using it as a highlighter, and IT WORKS! It gave me great definition and made my cheekbones pop (if I do say so myself). I applied it like a highlighter, so the tops of my cheeks and brow bone. It gives a really natural look.

I'm not quite sure if I'll be repurchasing when it runs out. I think I'm going to try more products, I'm going to look for a powder highlighter (still haven't got one!) and a brightening moisturiser. 

I'd recommend this if you want a subtle highlighter, but I'm not sure if you could use it as a daily moisturiser, unless you're dressing up as a discoball..

(I've typed so much gah sorry! Well done you if you read it without dozing off!!)

Have you got any powder highlighter recommendations? Or have you tried this product? Lemme know! Xx


  1. Thanks, trying to figure out if this has made my skin go bad. Happy new year! x x

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