Monday, 9 July 2012

Hashtag #bbloggers! #3

Tillykke med mandag!
(Happy Monday! in Danish)

Yes it's that time of the week, time for my post on last nights #bbloggers conversation! 
Here is a couple of blogs that I discovered through the conversation on twitter.

The topic this week was how about PRs and marketing- how to contact and build a connection with a PR. So obviously I felt a tad usless as I know nout about PRs!  

For those of you who live under rocks, us twitter-ers use the hashtag #bbloggers in order to start a conversation on a particular topic eachweek. It's like a big group chat and allows everyone to have their say on a particular subject :-)


First on my list of beautiful blogs is one by a lady called Jessica Louise (@JessieBlogger)

As you could tell from her title, Jessica blogs about beauty and make-up related posts, but what I really like is how she posts about lifestyle and what she gets up to! I think it's lovely to get to know the owner, it makes reading each post more personal!

The layout, like all the blogs I love, is beautiful! She chose a Cath Kidston style print as her background with a very readable font for her content.


Secondly is a blog by the lovely Sharna.

Her blog is called My Beauty and Fashion Fix - just what I need! I really love this gals blog. From what I've read she's really down to earth and loveable! 

Sharna has also recently answered some FAQs, which makes her blog more personal to her and allows the reader to get to know  her. She posts about Fashion and Beauty (DUH) and of course what she does in her day to day life. Her layout is so pretty, you can tell she's put a lot of effort into it!

Sharna's blog 


My opinion on the #bbloggers chat

Okay like I said, I am definitely no professional when it comes to PRs. I've never been contacted by one and don't expect to be contacted by one. I can only try to understand what they're about by reading up on other people's experience with PRs. I've heard that some can be a tad cheeky, like sending 'accidental' emails and then not contacting again due to a low visitor count or something. But  personally I'm not very judgemental so I take each person as an individual, if that makes sense, so like everyone acts differently. Some PRs may be cheeky but I'm sure most of them do their job properly and love it at the same time!

What did you think of this weeks topic? Or have found some killer blogs? Lemme know! Xx

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