Monday, 2 July 2012

Hashtag #bbloggers! #2

Happy Monday!

If you saw last week's post you'll know what this is! It's my weekly #bbloggers post! Here are some blogs that I discovered through the hashtag this week.

The topic this week was a bit confusing, but it was originally - what type of blog do you run and what do you blog about.

For those of you who still don't know, us twitter-ers use the hashtag #bbloggers in order to start a conversation on a particular topic eachweek. It's like a big group chat and allows everyone to have their say:-)


My first favourite is a blog by the beautiful Kate Crabb. Like me, she's new and she has already  produced a gorgeous blog with amazing posts! Her twitter is @nwgirlontheblog.

Her blog is mainly beauty related with a few fashion and lifestyle posts sprinkled in. She uses a mix between high end and Boots-style products which is something I really look for in a blog!

Her photos are lovely and her layout is easily used and really compliments her posts, love it!


Next is a blog called All about the girl. First of all, I LOVE the mint green polka dots used in her background! This bootilicous blog is by the lovely Caroline, ( @aatgblog). Her blog is mainly fashion with a few lovely beauty posts!

I really love Caroline's style, look at that shirt below! I can really relate to her posts and I just want want want her wardrobe! Her style seems to me to be girly and sleek, like she's ready for a cupcake picnic aww!

The overall image of the blog is really cute, it reflects her own personal style greatly. Again the layout is easy and there is nothing to moan about! So adorable!


( Sorry I could only do two blogs tonight! Might be able to edit this post and include the other one soon. )

My opinion on the #bbloggers chat

I don't think that what 'category' your blog falls into is really important to be honest, I think that the way you show your interest and the actual content of your posts is what will make it shine!! It's like on Dragons Den, it doesn't matter if your invention is crap, if your really enthusiastic and show that you work hard then it'll sell. I found this weeks chat a bit hectic, as everyone was a tad confused about the topic at first. But soon the ball got rolling and I got to speak to some lovely people and discovered some fab blogs!

What did you think of this weeks topic? Or have found some killer blogs? Lemme know! Xx


  1. Thank you for featuring me in this :) I quite enjoyed the topic on Sunday night, because slowly it moved onto other things blog related too!

    And I also found a few blogs that I'm now enjoying reading :)

    Kate x

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it, it's fab for discovering new blogs:-)! xx