Thursday, 5 July 2012

Super Sexy Swimwear for all Sizes

Good evenin' Guvnor!

Like my use of alliteration;-)? I do. I'm really excited about this post. Well obviously I get excited about all of my posts but this one stands out in particular. I've created a group of figure loving swimwear to accommodate different shapes. I've used the help of Aunty Gok (see here) as well as my own knowledge and experience to help find you a gorgeous beach-ready outfit for this summer!

I find swimwear shopping both annoying but interesting, as I love seeing what the shops have came up with for the season. I myself am small chested and suffer from small-tit-blues. Whenever I go to the beach or am on holiday, I see all these gorgeous women with curves and lush boobs and I sit there with my 32A's feeling sad for myself. Yes I admitted my bra size on the internet, but I think it's nice to be honest and help others to feel good about themselves. I love my boobs but sometimes it leaves me feeling a bit boyish, so if I can improve my self confidence with a different bikini then why not?

So here is my list of gorgeous swimwear that I think suit different shapes!

(the prices stated are for what's shown, either just a top of a full set bikini)

1 K&Co -

2 H&M

3 Dorothy Perkins 

4 Dorothy Perkins

1 Matalan

2 Marks and Spencer


4 Figleaves

1 River Island

2 River Island

3 Topshop


Yes a rather long and photo heavy post! Sorry if it took you ages! What do you think of these suits? Have you found a rather spectacular bikini or swimsuit? Lemme know! Xx


  1. I love number three on the tummy ones :D

    1. Oh my god yes! It's an amazing print, I can't get over how cute it is! Xx

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