Sunday, 8 July 2012

My Handmade(-ish) Outfit!

朋友你好 !
(Hello Friends! in Chinese (Traditional))

I really really REALLY like customising my own clothes. In about two weeks I will have my own sewing machine and will be able to expand my knowledge in crafting and sewing! Ah I'm so excited! Anywho, yesterday I had a creative mindset on and was like okay, I am doing something to my wardrobe today. I couldn't find anything to dye so I decided to whip out ye ole scissors.

I had a really unflattering lace boxy top, the sleeves were puffball and made me look broad and ugh ew mank rank yuck. So I cut off the sleeves, and made the arm holes a bit bigger. Avoila! A cute lace vest top that I'll defo be wearing this summer.
And then about a month ago I made these cut offs. First I cut the jeans into shorts, and then filled a bucket with basic bleach. I attached the shorts to a hanger and dipped them into the bucket for an hour. Then I rinsed them and shoved them in the wash (by themselves) And they came out all torn and distressed which I really like. They look like those slutty bum shorts that show off your arse cheek but they're not I swear! I then studded them with these from eBay.
So yeah, my DIY outfit that I'm rather proud of. I love it when people are like 'omg where are your shorts from' and I'm like *brushes shoulder like an arrogant tw@t*. 

(a) Yes I realise I should've worn a bandeau or something under the top, sorry about da bra guyz
(b) Excuse the sunglasses and face, I didn't put my slap on today

What do ya think? I love DIY'ing, it's so fun and satisfying when you see the finished result. Soon I'm going to be using the left over lace to cover a bikini I have, I'll keep you posted on that!

Have you done any recent DIYs? Anything your uber proud of? Lemme know! Xx