Thursday, 28 June 2012

Steal Their Style: Mary Kate Olsen

Hola mis amigos!

I read a new magazine like every two days, and although I try to ignore the celeb crap, I sometimes can't resist looking at what they're wearing and more importantly, WHO they're wearing.

Two of the celebs that I don't mind reading about is the Olsen twins. They have effortless style, and look so glamorous when they're dressed up for events. They're ultra famous in America, and even produced an  'enormously popular' clothing line for Walmart (which is actually in the same company group as ASDA, who'd of known!). 

I have focused on Mary Kate Olsen in particular. She wears A LOT of black, and has a grungy yet girly style. It's interesting how easily she can change her style, depending on where she's going.

Here is some papped pictures and some cheaper yet still so so stylish alternatives, on how to get Mary Kate Olsen's style, enjoy!


All of the below are under £35!

What are your thoughts on her style? Think it's a mega faux pas or ultra stylish statement? Lemme know! Xx

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