Monday, 18 June 2012

Studding Ideas

As mentioned in my last post, I love DIY-ing (is that the correct phrase..). And I often use studs as a way of updating an outfit. It's a very cheap method, and I've received many compliments from the work in the past! So here is some ideas that I created using studs.

(Left to Right)
Adding studs to the pocket of shorts
OR you could do the whole side!
Adding a line of studs to the back pocket
Studding the lapel of a blazer
Two easy shirt collar ideas
Studded slippers (hello cheap Topshop Vectra3!)
And a studded bikini.
(Pictures 2 and 8 aren't mine)

I hope this post has inspired you to get studding! To buy studs, type 'craft stud' into eBay and you'll find loads of different sizes and shapes. A lot of the ones i bought were about 99p for 50! Bargain! X

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