Monday, 18 June 2012

Lustworthy Jewelry

Good morning! I have composed a list of my favourite jewelry from this seasons high street!

1- H&M £3.99*
Rose gold is the metal of the season! I love wearing this above my elbow and can even wear it as an anklet.

This necklace falls at a perfect length. The style is on trend and I love the brushed gold.

I've been searching for a nice hand chain after seeing Caggie Dunlop style one in her ISWAI campaign. This looks like it's very good quality and the colours compliment each other beautifully.

No, I'm not a hard core catholic. But I love this style, I feel like it adds a bit of edge to an outfit.

A lovely little ring, would look great with a tan. A classic all round ring.

This is leather and neon yellow. Erm. Neon yellow has flashed it's little head a lot this season, and i think this is an easier way to wear it than in something like jeans. Plus it looks like a belt. Pretty cool.

Yes you saw that right. THREE POUNDS. This is from a handmade only jewelry shop. It's so cute and so so affordable. 

*This bracelet is not listed on their website but is definitely in stores at the moment.

Have you spied any hot pieces this season? Let me know! X

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