Monday, 18 June 2012

eBay Magpie #1

Living on a budget has it's perks, having an excuse to scroll through eBay is certainly one of them! I managed to find some pretty decent bargains on eBay (if i do say so myself) so here are some of my favourite picks this week.

1- Topshop Floral City Shorts: £8.99
I find that the flat front panel on these type of shorts are really slimming and flatten the tummy, and as they're high waisted I think they'll look great with a black boob tube.

2- Studded Bottom Handbag: £15.99
There is a proper name for this style of bag, but it's not in my mind at the moment! I love this bag, and the one I've linked to is from a UK seller. It's very in style at the moment and really toughens up a girly outfit.

3- Feather Tribal Sandals: £8.99
I've seen River Island do some feather sandals, but why pay £40 when you can spend £9! I love the tribal trend and I love ankle detailing, these are perfect!

4- Topshop Denim Bralet: £15
I know these aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I think if you style them right that anyone could carry them off. High waisted shorts look great as they help to cover the belly and still look summery.

5- Spike Studs: £3.09
I love DIY-ing, and will do DIY-related posts soon! Lately studs have been my friends and I've customised many items with them. These are so cheap and there's something that makes me feel proud when I go out wearing something that I've made! (sort of).

6- Warehouse Candy Coloured Shorts: £12.50
Firstly; oh my god. Warehouse shorts. WAREHOUSE. For under fifteen pounds! As we all know, pastels are in and what better way to wear them than with a pair of denim shorts? And for £12.50 you can't really go wrong!

eBay certainly has outdone itself! Have you found any bargains lately? I'd love to know! X

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