Monday, 18 June 2012

Umberto Giannini: Serum and Treatment Review

Good evening! This is the first hair-related post of mine, so I'm going to tell you some facts about my hair.

- It's been dyed since I was 13 (first using home dyes, now it's done at a salon)
- I've straightened it frequently since I was 12
- It's naturally straight but I straighten it to control my layers
- It's quite long, just below the boob
- I wash it nearly everyday and blow dry it indefinitely.

I am no stranger to hair products, trust me I've tried a lot. About a month ago I popped to Boots and there was an offer on so i bought some hair products.


The first thing I noticed is how thick the liquid is. It's got roughly the same consistency as John Frieda Frizz-ease. Which made me think 'hmm what if it weighs my hair down' but I used 2-3 pumps and tousled it through my mid-lengths. To be honest I did not notice any difference when using the product on damp hair. It has no strong fragrance, and well did nothing. The next day I dried my hair and it did make my hair glossy and 'sleek'. It didn't look greasy, but neither did it help to straighten my hair or remove frizz. I won't be repurchasing.
I'd give it 2/5.

Next I tried a product that is new to me, an overnight conditioner.

First of all, this smells divine! I think it's a very 'either you love it or hate it' smell. It smells very clean and herbal, I really like it. Anywho, before bed I pumped this into my palms and put it through my mid-lengths. It has the same consistency and colour as a normal conditioner. Giannini stayed true to their word, in the morning you couldn't tell it was in my hair! My hair felt normal to any other morning, but I could tell the difference it had made once i got out of the shower. My hair felt so so smooth, and very 'balanced' if you know what I mean. Like it had it's health restored, but not improved. I'd say it's very useful if you've had a dry spell (sounds wrong haha). Like if you've gone bit OTT on the tongs and dye.
I give it a 3.5/5 and I probably will repurchase this.

Have you tried any of the Umberto Giannini range? I'd love to know what you think! X

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