Saturday, 30 June 2012

Mini Bargainista Haul! June 2012

Good morning, good morning! To you and you and you..

Today is my first ever haul post! Aw haul virgin. Well this week I felt a bit magical, as I picked up so so many bargains! All these items have been bought in the past month, but the majority was bought this week as I popped into my small local shopping centre (Chequers Centre in Maidstone if your wondering).

Again sorry about the quality of the images, I will find my camera charger! I will also be doing a few more outfit of the day posts. I also have a very exciting post coming up *cough GIVEAWAY cough* but you'll have to sit tight and be patient for that. 

Here we have my mini bargain haul, enjoy!

These were part of the buy one get one half price sale in internacionale, so they were already on sale for £7, but I got them half price for £3.50!

White and navy triangle print shorts - Forever 21 £13.75
I bought these at the beginning of the month when I went to Westfield Stratford, these are my first ever purchase from Forever 21! I looked but couldn't find the link for these.

I've featured these shorts in a post before, but I am in love with these. Seriously these are my favourite shorts at the moment! In the picture they look like those shorts that show off half your arse cheek, but they're not, I wouldn't wear them if they were! These are easy to style and I love them!

Gold spike necklace - New Look £5.99
I bought this as I could not find the Topshop spike necklace ANYWHERE. I was looking for the one which has gold and silver spikes hanging on it, but I had to settle for this instead. This is still really nice and feels like good quality, and it helps to de-girly-fie an outfit (cringe).

Rose gold bangle - H&M £3.99
I bought this in a M/L, as I thought it'd look nice quite high up on my arm, like how Kimberley from MIC wears hers. Again I can't find the link, but it should be still in shops. 

Faux leather jacket - seller on eBay about £12
I definitely recommend searching on eBay for staple items. I was looking for a certain leather jacket, as there's two types. There's the ones that are baggy at the back and then the ones that are structured, and I really don't like the baggy ones! (I'm so bad at explaining things haha) but yeah I was very pleased with this purchase.

Sport racer back vest - Madhouse sale £6
Okay I know this isn't going to be to everyone's taste, it looks a bit cheap. But I've been looking for a lazy, basketball style top to pull over shorts when I go Spain in August, and this'll do just that. It was on sale too, it was £12. 

Okay now this definitely will get abuse haha. I showed my sister these leggings and she almost threw up. But there is a story behind these. I watched a documentary on Channel 4 called 'Sex Lies and Rinsing guys' and this lady was wearing a similar pair (shown above) and I thought it was a great way to wear the Sports Lux trend. Well I think they'll need some imagination but I'll try my best to wear them without looking like a chav:-)

So there we have it, a few penny pinching items. What do you think of the buys? Do you have any ideas on how I could wear these leggings :') ? Or have you found any serious bargains lately? Lemme know! Xx


  1. I watched Sex Lies and Rinsing guys too! I actually couldn't believe it!

    Kate x