Monday, 25 June 2012

Hashtag #bbloggers! #1

Good evening!

This is a post that I think I will make into a weekly feature. Basically I attempt to participate into the #bbloggers conversation on twitter, and through that I discover lots and lots of different blogs! I'd just like to show you some of my favourites!

For those of you who don't know, bloggers (and others) use the hashtag #bbloggers in order to start a conversation on a particular topic eachweek. It's like a huge group chat and allows everyone to have their say:-)


The first blog is made by a lovely lady called Rachel (@rachelmichaella.). The first post I saw on her blog was about bralets/crop tops- which I love!! I know they're not to everyone's taste, but Rachel showed how you can make them work and include some 'street style' photos, oh I love it love it love it! 

The graphics and design are to die for and really give the reader an insight to Rachel's style, and makes it a very unique and eye-catching blog. I'm jealous!

Here's Rachel's blog


Next is a blog called It's a BeautyFul Life by Ruby Morar ( @RubyMorar). Again I'll tell you about the first post I noticed. Which I have to say is the type of post I LOVE seeing on my dashboard. It's about Primark's new line which is coming to stores soon, and Ruby explains how Primark have created many new items that are similar to Zara's, amazeballs!

The blog itself is easy to use, and you can see Ruby has put a lot of effort into her posts and those important little details. I love the title and she posts about a broad range of subjects, so your never bored!

Ruby's Blog;


Last but definatley not least, an insightful and thought-provoking blogpost from a lady called Nic (@Strawbry_Blonde)

. It was a great post considering the topic of #bbloggers of the night was related to PR samples etc. She posted about asking for samples and the post itself was really detailed and a pleasure to read.

Her layout is amazing and so easy to use. I love the colours and the name! The post was a bit different than the conventional 'ooh look at me nail varnish' type posts (not that I dislike nail polish posts, they're actually one of my favourites) as it was very opinionated and allowed me to discover more about Nic, which is vital to keep the reader interested in the blog! 

Overall I love this blog, my favourite thing has to be the top logo, it's so cool!


My opinion on the #bbloggers chat

I'm always nervous about asking for samples, but once I went to the benefit counter in House of frazer, and I got chatting to the lady. After we went through the products (I actually lied and said i was shopping for a present for my mum, I tried to sound as convincing as possible!) I asked politely if I could show (my mum) a few samples, to see if the products work for her skin. Result! I got about 5 samples of the range with the like cork lids. As a result i bought two products, I think its defo worth the try! Its not like your going to see them again!
I am very savvy and love bargains and will stalk the internet in order to gain some samples etc (sad I know!) but it can be really effective when trying new products.

Have you had any success with product sampling? Or have found some killer blogs? Lemme know! Xx