Sunday, 1 July 2012

Ebay Magpie #2

Sunday. The day of rest. But it's Monday tomorrow and I have too much work to do to rest!

Here is my second eBay post. It's a fortnightly feature for each Sunday, and I've tried to base this week's one on what's in Topshop at the moment. Who doesn't love Topshop dupes!?


These are really good value. Boots RRP the big ones £13.5ml at £8.99. I've also seen the full size ones for £5 on eBay (click here to see) but I thought if your a Essie newbee then you might want to try these:-)
To see the list of colours I've shown, type 'Essie' into eBay, then click the Buy It Now tab, then sort price and P&P low to high :-).

Okay, so these aren't so much of a bargain, but they are they cheapest that I've ever seen. What makes them unique is the studding on the back, and of course the shape! I've heard that these are actually easier to walk in than they look. Definitely one to try!

Firstly, what a bargain?! This is from Topshop and it comes in a range of sizes. As we all know, fruit print was very common in the SS12 catwalks this year, so how about wearing the trend with this gorgeous pastel playsuit? Two trends in one surely! Playsuits are my favourite thing to wear in the summer, and this one is so gorgeous.

I hate the word 'fake', but yes this is what this is. A copy of the famous McQueen skull scarf. I bought this exact one about 3 weeks ago and I love it, it looks great with a leather jacket and is such a bargain. A lovely piece.

This is so similar to the Topshop ones which are £7.50. I know in stores they do a pastel colour one but I can't find it on their website. But aw look how cute it is! Such good value and a really cool piece, love it! 

Have you found any fab eBay finds? What  do you think of these? Lemme know! Xx


  1. That scarfs lovely, I love topshop dupes!! X

  2. Thank-you girls! Such good bargains x

  3. Thank shoes are amazing! The question is would I be able to walk in them?
    Lovely post :) xo